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The Platform for Controlling IoT Devices

Programmatically open doors, set thermostats, use sensors and more—using a single API.


Standardized API


Third-party Device Support


Hardware Hub


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One API to rule them all.

Thousands of Devices, One API

Seam integrates with many devices and puts them behind an easy to use API that standardizes calls for similar functionality. Spend your days building great products—not reading obscure protocol docs.

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Human-cyborg relations.

A Universal Hub to Connect Any Device, Anywhere

Seam has the only hub that can connect all your devices without messy configuration. Simply plug it in, pair devices, and start building applications!

Networking features:












Everything—at the tips of your fingers.

Tools to Manage Your Devices at Scale

Manage your fleet.

Dashboard Preview

The Seam Dashboard provides a unified interface that lets your Operation and Support team work together to manage device fleets for a large number of locations.

On-the-go app for your team.

Installer App Preview

The Seam Installer App makes installing hubs and connecting devices a breeze. Need to install nationwide? No problem. We have third-party installer partners to set you all up.

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Read the source, Luke.

Designed for Developers

Rapidly build production-ready integrations with a modern, synchronous API that abstracts all the complexity away. Get real-time web-hooks, API key permission levels, and client libraries.

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Friends don't make friends poke holes in their firewall.

Security from the Hardware on Up

We take security and privacy very seriously. Our team includes security experts who focus on strengthening our infrastructure and firmware devices.

Signed Firmware & OTA's

We flash Seam Hubs with our own machines. All firmware and OTA’s are further signed and verified at multiple levels in our software stack.

AES Encryption

Sensitive data is encrypted on disk with AES-256. Decryption keys are stored on separate machines and we maintain a strict credential access policy for our team.

Secure Communications

Communications between the Seam Hub and our infrastructure are uniquely authenticated, encrypted, and do not require firewall modifications.

Vulnerability Scanning

We scan our own code base for known 3rd-party library vulnerabilities, and participate in GitHub's secret scanning to detect mistakenly committed Seam API keys.

Get connected today.

Request access and connect your devices using the Seam API and our suite of products in no time.

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