The API for controlling homes and buildings.

Open doors, summon elevators, get room occupancy, read energy meters and more—across device vendors and with a single API.See Docs →
Software is eating the world.

Code the future of buildings.

Access Illustration
Home & Building Access
Unlock doors, set codes, summon elevators, and provide access across door locks brands and intercom vendor systems.
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Energy Illustration
Energy & Water Consumption
Read energy and water meters, and give your users a sense of their energy consumption and carbon footprint.
Climate Illustration
Climate Control & Air Quality
Adjust thermostats, read room humidity, CO2, temperature, and particulate matter so you ensure a healthy environment.
Occupancy Illustration
Occupancy Sensing
Read room occupancy, common space density, and get a sense for how users are using spaces.
One API to rule them all.

Control thousands of supported devices.

Seam implements integration with many protocols and devices and puts them behind an easy to use API. Spend your days building great products—not reading obscure protocol docs.
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Human cyborgs relations.

Enterprise ready hardware hub.

Built from the ground up for the enterprise context, the Seam Hub comes with a 12-hours backup battery, power over ethernet, and multiple radios to support a wide range of IoT devices.
Seam Hub Top Level Details
How It Works

Install hardware hub.Pair devices. Make API calls.

Lock Action Curl Command
Install Seam Gateway

Install the Hub (if needed). The Hub is a bridge between IoT protocols like Zigbee, Bacnet, Zwave...etc and our API.

Door Locks
Pair Smart Devices

Just like pairing a bluetooth device with your phone, the Seam Hub connects to IoT devices using various protocols and automatically configures them.

See Supported Devices →
Screen with Send Commands
Send Commands!

Start issuing commands with our API to the devices, like locking doors, setting access codes, reading meters, or even setting the temperature!

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Enterprise Use Cases

Innovative companies use Seam to connect third-party smart devices and automate their operations.

Automate entire guest flow for your short-term rentals

See Hospitality study
Real Estate

Manage thousands of properties using Seam's hubs.

See Real-Estate Study

Turn any building into a self-storage facility.

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From sea to shining sea.

Nationwide installation network.

Seam can install Hub anywhere in the United States and Canada. Our team comes onsite, evaluates your deployment needs, and makes the install.
REST for the win.

Easy to use API for everything.

IoT devices speak many different complicated protocols. Our API abstracts it all away to give you a simple REST interface.
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Know who let the dogs out.

Receive event notifications.

Setup Webhooks to get notified whenever events, such as door openings or noise disturbances, occur.
See Webhook Docs
No more herding IoT cats.

Manage millions of IoT devices.

We keep track of your devices’ internals (signal strength, battery level, etc.), and alert you when things are off.
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The S stands for security.

Security from the Hardware on up.

Firmware pinned certificates, full disk encryption, secure tunnels, and more. Seam is built with a security first mindset.
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From Fortune 500 to Startups of One.

For teams of all shapes and sizes.

Seam's internal dashboards support single sign-on and granular roles.
Bonjour! 你好! Olá! こんにちは!

Multi-location ready.

Whether you operate in one city or across multiple-continent, Seam’s got it.
Our tools give you fine control over who has access to what, so that you can set roles and permission for each location.

Ready to Start?

Schedule a demo and our engineers will show you how easy it to get started with the Seam Hub & API.