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Building a Programmatic Interface to the Physical World

What we used to do.

Our team’s experience ranges from Nest, Sonder, GitHub, and our startups. We scaled server infrastructure at the scale of tens of millions of users, shipped well-known hardware devices, and directly deployed tens of thousand of IoT devices across the globe.

How it all began.

Through these experiences, we saw that while many devices exist today, no solution ties them all together in a way that makes it easy to interface with them.

So we started Seam.

It’s secure, built for scale, and enables developers and businesses to interface with third-party devices in the real-world. We hope you like it.

Who we are.

Our Team

Dawn Ho Portrait

Dawn Ho

Previously, Dawn was the head of IoT at Sonder, a hospitality company building tech-enabled hotels. In this role, Dawn oversaw all hardware and software deployments across tens of thousands of rooms on 3 different continents. In her spare time, she loves hacking her San Francisco home, reading, and finding new use cases for Seam.

Sy Bohy Portrait

Sy Bohy

Sy began his career working on the Nest Learning Thermostat and Nest Protect. During his downtime, he enjoys going on runs with his dog, learning about computers, and thinking about the future.

Jordan Webb Portrait

Jordan Webb

Jordan was an early employee working on operating systems at Cleversafe, which was acquired by IBM Cloud. He then joined GitHub, and became the technical lead for their Enterprise Server appliance. At Seam, he is excited to be able to combine his interests in embedded Linux and home automation. In his spare time, Jordan writes even more code, hangs out with his family, yells at video games with his son, and plays tug-of-war with his dog.

Seve Ibarluzea Portrait

Seve Ibarluzea

Previously, Seve founded CollegeAI, a college prediction service for high school students,, a Techstars 2019 cloud data labeling service, and the Universal Data Tool, an open-source library and community with hundreds of contributors. Seve enjoys livestreaming coding and going for a tap on MIDI drums.

Lois Bin Portrait

Lois Bin

Before Seam, Lois held a number of design positions. At Square, she shipped a complete redesign of their online hardware store. When not moving pixels & pushing code, she enjoys digging into books, photography, and films.

Seam Candidate Illustration


We seek exceptionally sharp minds with kind souls.

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On the Shoulders of Giants.

Our Advisors

Bunnie Huang Portrait

Andrew "Bunnie" Huang

Bunnie is a privacy advocate and hacker who inspired countless tinkerers with his early publication of Hacking the XBox. Most recently, he's been working with Edward Snowden on a privacy preserving phone case, as well as advising various governments on covid-19 contact tracing and privacy.

Jonathan Beri

Jonathan Beri

Jonathan is an expert on all things involving connecting obscure devices. He previously led IoT connectivity efforts at Nest, Google, Particle, and WeWork, before recently starting his own company. He is an avid tinkerer and contributor to the IETF

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Our Investors

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