Control Fleets of Smart Devices.

We built Seam from the ground up for the enterprise contexts. It's secure, scalable, and has API's for integrating devices with your apps and services.
REST API & Webhooks
Single Sign-On & Roles
PoE and Battery Back-up Hub

Enterprise Ready.

Architected from the ground up for the enterprise context.
Reliable Hardware

Battery back-up and Power over Ethernet.

Secure & Private

Security and privacy first mindset.


Integrate your apps and servers directly.


infrastructure load tested for millions of devices.

Enterprise Use Cases

Innovative companies use Seam to connect third-party smart devices and automate their operations.

Automate entire guest flow for your short-term rentals

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Real Estate

Manage thousands of properties using Seam's hubs.

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Turn any building into a self-storage facility.

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Supported Devices

Yale NexTouch Cylindrical

Honeywell Lyric Round Wi-Fi Thermostat

SYLVANIA Smart+ Full Color LED Bulb A19

Enerwave Duplex Receptacle

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No more herding IoT cats.

Manage millions of IoT devices.

We keep track of your devices’ internals (signal strength, battery level, etc.), and alert you when things are off.
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For teams of all shapes and sizes.

Seam's internal dashboards support single sign-on and granular roles.
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No juice, no problem.

Built for reliability.

Our gateway comes with battery backup and power over ethernet for complex deploy environments.
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REST for the win.

Easy to use API for everything.

IoT devices speak many different complicated protocols. Our API abstracts it all away to give you a simple REST interface.
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Event streaming.

Receive event notifications.

Setup Webhooks to get notified whenever events, such as door openings or noise disturbances, occur.
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Don't poke holes in your firewall.

Security-first Mindset.

Firmware CERTS. Secure tunnels. Data encrypted at rest. Seam is built with a security-first mindset.
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Ready to Start?

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